EKS: Adding a Redirect Rule to an ALB

The Problem: You have a service already running in EKS and the ingress is going through an ALB which is controlled already by the AWS ALB Controller. The url is company.example.com/api. You are now asked to allow any requests to some other domain, like api.otherexample.com/api to also work on your service, because ‘convenience’. The DNS […]

ChatGPT And Python: Some Basic Stuff

So lets say you have a project, where you want to write some code but you need some input from the chatbot somewhere in your execution. Maybe you want a sentence translated, or maybe you are trying to answer a question or analyze some data. So the first part of this, of course, is that […]

A DevOps Turkey-Day Poem

Author’s note: I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had writing it. It was the day before thanksgiving,And I was alone,The office a ghost town,And everyone home. A few hours left,just looking around,Nothing to do,But wait for the sound –Of a page or a call or a text or a ping,While […]

Why I Will Always Prefer to Work From Home

I’ve been working from home since long before the pandemic. It’s been almost 10 years of partial ‘wfh’ and 6 years of full time ‘wfh’ for me, and frankly I don’t see it ever changing on my end, without threats of physical violence or bags of money. Some folks really missed the office social club […]