10,000 Terabyte Permanent Storage On The Way?

Maybe. Storage company Cerabyte has released a video documenting the latest on their perpetual storage solution that uses ceramic tech. They are claiming 10,000 Terabyte storage solutions by 2030, and the product lifespan apparently would be more than 5 thousand years. I generally take commercial claims with a grain of salt when I see them, especially from new companies, but this looks interesting.

Now this is a write-once data storage solution for permanently storing data, but imagine how much data could fit on something like that! I’ve used tape backup in the past and the main thing I always worry about it ‘will it work in a few years if we need it?’. With this type of data storage, the read is done via laser array so in theory you never have to worry about the storage device becoming un-useable.

How does it work?

Cerabyte uses ceramic nanolayers creating the most reliable data storage ever. Data is save in a wide temperature range of -273°C (-460 °F) to 300°C (570°F) and even in corrosive or acidic atmosphere. Also radiation and an EMP can’t destroy information stored on Cerabyte. This means safe storage for generations.


A development like this makes me wonder if AWS will find a way to make a ‘permanent glacier’ for archival storage. Seems like a win for them.

We will see were this goes, I guess…