Month: December 2023

EKS: Adding a Redirect Rule to an ALB

The Problem: You have a service already running in EKS and the ingress is going through an ALB which is controlled already by the AWS ALB Controller. The url is You are now asked to allow any requests to some other domain, like to also work on your service, because ‘convenience’. The DNS […]

10,000 Terabyte Permanent Storage On The Way?

Maybe. Storage company Cerabyte has released a video documenting the latest on their perpetual storage solution that uses ceramic tech. They are claiming 10,000 Terabyte storage solutions by 2030, and the product lifespan apparently would be more than 5 thousand years. I generally take commercial claims with a grain of salt when I see them, […]

CVE-2023-6351 – Update Chrome Now!

A Zero Day exploit for Chrome was found in the wild and reported back on Nov 13th (2023). The exact details remain under wraps for now, but reports from Google indicate that it may be an integer overflow in a library used to render 2D graphics on web pages, which when exploited could crash the […]

OWASP Top Ten API Risks for 2023

Source: What are we talking about here, and why should we even care? Below is a breakdown of the top 10 API risks for this year, explained. Being aware of these things, of course, is only the first step. Security in most organizations is seen as an expense, until it is not. Making sure […]